My so called vintage life
Hi there! Thanks for stopping in !  My name is Jen Short.  I live in beautiful Bluegrass Country. Horses, Bourbon and  Bluegrass that is. I am a wife, mother of grown children , and a new Grandma. I am an RN by profession. I have a few passions I would love to share with you - Travel, cooking delicious food, and chalk painting furniture. I started traveling solo a couple years ago and have added a few travel buddies along the way. I love to share my enthusiasm and experiences in hopes of encouraging other women to travel. 
What I would hope to accomplish by sharing my life is to show any woman over 50 that its possible to have adventures and try new things and projects. Chalk painting furniture evolved for me unexpectedly and its become a true passion. I hope to share a few things this year-  A trip to  France , my studio, and of course chalk painting.  We teach classes on occasion. We have recently opened an Etsy store. You can check out our pieces here on the furniture page and there is a link to the Etsy store there and below.